[HELP] Lighting issues with Paper2D | Is there any way of making light go through a flipbook?

Hello! I was messing around with Paper2D and the DefaultLit materials, and I wanted to make it so that the character was carrying a torch that lit up the player.

What I did was I created a socket on the player’s hand, attached the torch to that, and then created another socket within the torch and attached the fire emitter to that. It works fine for the most part; the exception being that when the character faces the other direction there is no light affecting the side facing the screen, since it essentially places the torch on the other end “behind” the character. This is due to the way movement is set up, because it scales x to -1 in order to flip it. This in turn also affects the socket, but the light doesn’t penetrate the other end of the sprite effectively rendering it useless.

Here’s what it looks like normally:

Here’s what it looks like from the other side:

The obvious workaround is to instead of flipping the flipbook by scaling it by -1, create a whole other flipbook walking in the other direction with its own set of sockets. But I’d like to avoid doing that.

What solutions/workarounds do you guys recommend? I was wondering if there’s any way of making the flipbook translucent in some way so that the light from the other end penetrates it and shows on the other side.


I had exactly the same problem, besides that this was a 2D game. I tried to transform the torch to be some y’s in front of the player when facing 1 and some y’s behind when facing -1. The program ended very buggy. So I ended up with the torch being connected with the character in new sprites.