Help! All Actors turn dark or black with level streaming!

I’ve made a previous post about this before, but can’t get any answers. I have a major issue with streaming levels, and any dynamic actors turning very dark, if not black! This is a game-breaking bug. This has been an ongoing issue for multiple versions of UE4 and there’s no answer to it. I’ve tried both streaming volumes and BP load and unload nodes. If a player loads the next sublevel, the previous sublevels turn dark or black on all dynamic actors…the only way to correct the issue is to unload and reload that level again in the editor. I’ve tried package builds and removing all post-process and dynamic lighting in the persistent world. The only thing I’ve narrowed it down to is that its only levels with cached lighting that affects other levels. If I put in a level with only moveable lights, it doesn’t affect other levels. But I can’t only have dynamic lighting. They made this work in Star Wars Jedi fallen order, so I’m curious how they got past this issue.

Here’s how the level looks before anything else is loaded. alt text

Here’s how the level looks after another sublevel loads in. alt text

And if the player were to return to this sublevel, and the previous sublevel unloads, the dark assets stay! alt text

If anyone has any insight, please let me know!

Here’s a youtube video of me bringing in the levels as well.

Sorry if this is late but I had the same problem and found a solution for my case.
I have no lighting setup in persistent level and my sub levels have baked lightings.
I changed all sub level to a lighting scenario following this page and it worked.

Precomputed Lighting Scenarios:

Quoting the page "When a Lighting Scenario level is visible, its Lightmaps will be applied to the world. ", maybe the regular level don’t stream the correct lightmap to the level making the dynamic objects react to the wrong lightmap (probably the persistent level which don’t have any light), so it is darkened.

In my case I only have one sub level at a time so I don’t know it can help you or not.