Hello I am from Holland. In any session my NVidia videocard's ( two of them ) stopping several times, I have to restart and a report is going your side???

Most of the time it is happening in The INSPECTOR, when I try to use ( Scaling, new materials try to choose and a lot more things). In some sessions every time when I try to use the Inspector. Please help me, I am a starter and I hope to make a lot of games with the experience a already have with other Program similar to The Unrealengine. Two times GT 400, NVidia Graphic driver 37533. Already thank you for this ( E-mail ).


UE4 doesnt support sli/multiple gpu’s, so keep in mind that you wont get any benefits from this.
Heck, it might even be the issue.

That said, try the latest drivers (376.33 seem to be the latest)
If that fails, try to add a dxdiag to the post, and hope for the best.


Many thanks out of Holland, I keep in mind the above and I ask my Repair Man for a solution !!!

Again, many thanks and " de groetjes " .