Having trouble building lighting for ParagonSample map / glitchy planar reflection plane

In the ParagonSample map that was released today, the planar reflection is all glitchy and I think that’s because the reflection captures need to be rebuilt which is what it says when I click play in editor.

I can’t seem to build the lighting however. Building the lighting goes through the entire process with no errors but has a few warnings at the end, mostly saying the lightmap size for InstancedFoliageActor_0 is large and complaining that Scree_001_A’s lightmap UV is overlapping by 2.1%. There’s no actual error but I’m going to assume that the overlapping lightmap UV is preventing the lighting from building.

Anyone get the lighting to build or have any ideas on how to get it to build?

To follow up, translating the planar reflection plane up and down fixed the glitchiness but I still cannot build the lighting. I deleted everything that caused warnings - the foliage and the Scree_001_A but I’m still getting 1 warning about the Scree_001_A’s lightmap UV overlapping by 2% even though it’s not in the level and I deleted it entirely from the UE4 project.

I believe because I cannot build the lighting, the level shows as solid black when I click play in editor.

The planar reflection is probably glitchy because it is not hidden. Click the viewport and hit g, and it should disappear.

I’m not having any issues with that scene.

Just translating the planar reflection up and back to it’s original spot fixed it for me, but I can’t build the lighting. If I click play in editor the viewport is just solid black. I think building the lighting would fix that.