Having animtrail on static mesh when attached to a pawn?

I have a pawn with an attached sword, and that static mesh sword has two sockets: Effect_start, and Effect_end.

I wish to attach a trail to the sword’s two sockets, but since the sword attack animation of the player drives these animation events, I can’t select the two sockets on the sword from inside of the the pawn’s attack animation animations.

What would be a better way of achieving this?

this is exactly what im after right now! let me know if you find a fix!

Hey haxxer i found a solution! i added the sword in to a blueprint with the trail emmiter.
i then added that blueprint into my character blueprint as a component. in the weapon blueprint i have it casting to the player to check for a variable that i made to see if the animation i want is playing, and based of that the weapon BP can decide if it needs to show or hide the particle. it actually makes it easier than the way we wanted to do this!

Can you post a picture solution to this?
I am stuck on this atm

as i read this , this would probably work but still i have seen this dude UE4 Combat - YouTube

he had anim trails in this Character Attack AnimMontage