Have there been any updates to the Light Propagation Volume with 4.1's release?

Someone can give-me any news after 4.1 release?
Still needs r.LightPropagationVolume=1 ? Some changes?

What news are you looking for? It’s all over the forums, documentation and Twitch streams. Yes, you still need to enter the console command and LPV is the way to go.


Its Exactly what I asking. The link what you post says: "Light Propagation Volumes are a feature in development and not ready for production. ".
Im asking if anything changes after 4.1 release, since, nothing about GI was mentioned in release notes.

This kind of answer, presuming im lazy, with the same Blabla bla, google it! its not more funny.

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It wasn’t my intended attitude, but, as i said, if you watch the latest stream on youtube they said they will continue to improve and support LPV as Lionhead works on it. And that documentation is in the updated documentation section of the release notes.

It was live on Twitch last thursday, today they uploaded it on Youtube so you can watch it from Unreal Engine’s Youtube channel.

Thanks! :wink:

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