Have an Actor follow a Character's Network Movement


I have an actor that follows a character very precisely for singleplayer games and I’d like to replicate(pun intended) that behaviour when it comes to network games. The Character has a CharacterMovementController that nicely smooths the players positions over the network, but the Actor that follows it is very choppy. I’ve tried a few different things so far with the same results every time:

  • Set the position every tick both locally and on the server and disable replicated movement
  • Set the position every tick on the server and enable replicated movement
  • Use the mesh position to set the actor’s position every tick
  • Attach the actor to the character and derive it’s position from the character using SnapToTargetNotIncludingScale

Each one of these methods still have the actor popping along for other clients. The server works fine, and the client that owns the character which the local player is controlling works fine, but the other clients see very noticeable popping of the actor.

Anyone know how I would go about dealing with this?