Hard shading differences; How can I possibly fix them?

Hey guys. I have been having an issue I have put off for a while but it has been exacerbated in my feelings regarding the overall lighting quality of my team’s game, as .i believe you fellows might agree. Attached bellow is a picture of my problem, so far I have tried the following:

1.Editing values of cascade shadow

2.Ensuring reasonable levels of illumination (directional, and skylight)

3.Edited values of the generalized Light settings in skylight & directional lighting

With that said here is the picture:


These rocks are fairly big…
Any way fellows, I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read this post and possibly assist me with this seemingly rookie problem. Thanks, again.

Hi. I had similar problem. Go to World Settings/lightmass/enviroment intensity, change it to 0, and build your light.

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