Hair and fur system - Flickering artifacts

Hey guys. I’ve been messing with the new hair and fur system and found this flickering issue with skinned dense fur. It’s subtle but it makes it not suitable for use in production for me. If anyone has an idea how to fix it, that’d be great!

I’m using these CVars to bump quality:

r.HairStrands.Voxelization.Virtual.VoxelWorldSize = 0.1
r.HairStrands.Voxelization.Virtual.VoxelPageCountPerDim = 16
r.HairStrands.Voxelization.Virtual.ForceMipLevel = 0

Here are two GIF’s that show the issue:

On the nose and between the eyes (my test):

Right above the nose (art by Jelena Jovanovic):

Hi, you can try to check this =)

Hope this will help with your issues.

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Thanks Andrew!