GUI and different camera view on the monitor

I’ve been looking for a way to change what the user sees on the monitor while running a VR application.

Basically, I want to add a GUI panel and view the game from another camera.

I can’t seem to find how to edit this, is there even a way?

It depends slightly on how your current GUI / camera is setup.

You can in your characters construction script check “Is HMD enabled” which basically asks if the player is using a VR headset. (Is HeadMountedDisplay enabled). Depending on that you can pick one of two cameras as active ones.

The same goes for your GUI / HUD. In your controller you can check if the player is using a HMD. If he isn’t, spawn your gui / enable your HUD. Otherwise don’t.

That’s the basic idea anyway.

Hope this helps already :slight_smile:


Cheers, that’s actually helpful.

However, I’m looking for something like this to work while the HMD is in use. As for the other player(s) or viewer(s) who can only see the monitor.

Basically a game on 2 screens, where one of the screens is the HMD.

Oh. My bad!

I have no idea then. Sorry :confused:

Using multiple screens is a topic I didn’t look into at all so far.

Though that might be a keyword you can search with. Because that’s essentially what you’re trying to do. Use multiple screens with separate windows.

Yeah, good tip