GTA like vehicle and pedestrian ai


Is it possible to create an ai like gta? How can i make cars drive around my city with peds inside?
The player should be able to to steal the cars from the peds inside the car like GTA. Do i need for this multiple AI controllers or only one for all? How i start with this? I alredy created and programmed multiple enterable cars which the player can enter with animation and drive.

What do you know how to do yet?
Do you know how to control character pawns with AI?
How about vehicles?

Vehcile is in docs

And here is somebodys project from 2014. Exactly GTA like movement.

AI isn’t hard in UE4. You have even move to node. Watch for example

And you will need to adjust it to your project.

But how to make it work within a larger system where levels are being streamed in and out via World Composition tiles?

I have already a third person character which can enter/exit cars. I just need an ai like GTA. How to make cars and peds follow paths and spawn only around player dynamically in a big open world using World ccomposition. I dont found tutorials for this.

AI which moves car will be pretty easy in Unreal. Just find some tutorial on how to move ai to location.
I think this tutorial is ok:

did you ever figure out how to do the gta Ai

I think that for the game deciding when to spawn what in the vicinity of the player, you will have to make up your own way of doing it. Fortunately you can.
Maybe there are some non-Unreal tutorials on how it’s done. It’s a concept that is not specific to Unreal, because it is not a built in feature of Unreal, so expand your search to more generic concepts.