Grass node apply to multiple layers

Hey guys, question about using the grass node. I have set it up so my trees and foliage spawn just on the “grass” layer as needed. But, I have other layers in my material I want different foliage to spawn on. I have a layer called “farmGrass” which I got around by just using a procedural spawner on it as it uses a different type of grass. But, I have a layer called “farmHarvest” on this layer I want the foliage to line up as if it was well… a farm ready for harvest. I can only seem to achieve this by using the grass tool and setting jitter to 0. Any ideas how I can get around this? I don’t really want to use the grass node just for harvest and have to place the rest by other means (I have a large map and the grass tool makes placing trees etc 10x easier)
Screenshot of my grass node set up and of what I mean by the harvest foliage


I was thinking maybe use blueprint splines to spawn the harvest bushes… Don’t know how it would look to manually draw the lines

Solved it. Didn’t realise you can add more nodes in the grass node