Grass mesh is completely moved during Wind effect

Hi Guys,

Having really odd issue with the wind effect on my grass. The Kite Demo grass is completely static at the bottom (I.E They mesh does not move from it’s place, only the top of it moves), however when applying the same effect to my own grass mesh, my meshes move all over the place when simulating the wind. I’ve looked through the Kite Demo material, and there doesn’t appear to be any masking of the bottom that I can see. There isn’t any bones stopping the mesh from moving. So I’m at a loss of how they achieved this effect.

If anyone could enlighten me, would be a great help.

My Grass:

UE4 Grass:


Just in case anyone stumbles across this looking for an answer.

So the UE4 Material uses the green channel to apply wind (which was fine), the mask is actually painted directly onto the mesh itself as vertex colours (turn on Vertex Colours when in mesh editor to see it). Bottom verts (or verts you don’t want to move) are painted black, and everything else is green. Pretty simple. Feel like a moron. GG.

thank you :wink: