Grass Light Problem after building Light

when i make assets in Blender and import in UE4 after try to use the grass , AFTER USE AND build light my grass become black when i see for back side fix plase and help ///

I created a grass leaf texture (spared no effort, look at attachment) and recorded 2 videos to show how I would create grass foliage the “easy” way. Maybe you could explain how you created your grass and what settings you are using for your material. In the video of Unreal I use dynamic lighting.

Blender : blender_tut.mkv - Google Drive

Unreal : unreal_tut.mkv - Google Drive

Your problem could be caused by static lighting. If you want to use static lighting I would recommend using a stationary light source and setting your foliage Mobility to Movable (when in Foliage Mode) :slight_smile: