Graphical issue with context menu and tooltips

I have a graphical bug that every 5-20 min occurs. Only a restart of my project helps fixing it.
When it occurs I can no longer open the context menus. In any of the hovering windows the menu becomes see-through. In the viewport it simply dissapears.
I also had it fixed(I think) by switching to a stable release of nvidia’s studio driver, but if possible I’d like to keep using their game ready drivers.
I have attached a video of the issue to a forum thread here since I can’t attach videos here: Graphical issue with context menu and tooltips

As you can see whenever I hover over something or right click the menu/tooltip briefly appears before dissapearing and showing the viewport which is behind the window.

I found in another question that this is issue is marked as fixed since 2016 but either it was never fixed or it resurfaced.

Has anyone had something like this happen before and know the solution?