Graph Action Menu is sometimes missing "for each loop" node option

When you right click in graph editor for action dropdown, it doesn’t have “for each loop” node option, even when “context sensitive” was turned off. F + Left-Click also didn’t work.

It started to show up when I copy-pasted a node from a different BP. But F + Left-Click shortcut still doesn’t work.

I can’t replicate the issue in the new project, or so far in other widget blueprint.

I also din’t see anything like this in the issue tracker, but i did find 2 older mentions on the forums:

1.) For each loop the option does not appear in blueprint
2.) Where is FOR loop in Editor Utility Widget in UE 4.26.2?

Also, I noticed with shortcuts:
Editor Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts > Blueprint Editor > Spawn Nodes by chord;
Don’t show up in preferences in project 4.27 and 5.0.3 and show up only when I open Blueprint editor. Is this intended behaviour?

Shortcut option for “for each loop” is missing and few other options in my 5.0.3 project. But in new 5.0.3 and 5.27 project nothing is missing.

Sorry, that I din’t take a screenshot for missing “for each loop” in the grap action menu, but there is screenshot from someone in one of the links.

But i did take 2 screenshot of missing editor options.

Does any else have this or similar issue?
Thank you.