GPU usage goes low when lights are on.

I’m using 5.2.1 version of UE. I have very low FPS when movable lights are on in the level.

I just figured out the issue comes from low GPU usage.

When I turn lights off, GPU usage goes 99% with high fps.

But with lights on, it goes down to 10%.

The more light source I have, the lower gpu usage I get.

My system : 1080ti, 7820x, 64gb ram

Does anybody know how to solve this issue?

Lumen is very GPU intensive, a 1080ti is pretty old and it probably can’t handle it.

You can try disabling lumen in the project properties & using lighting without realtime GI.

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Yeah probably lumen will kill my old gpu… but still that doesn’t make sense. It’s understandable if it can’t handle lighting while using gpu 100%, but it doesn’t seem to be just a gpu spec problem because this low performence caused by 10% usage.

any updates on this, faced the same with RTX3080 on compiled game, but no probs in editors view