GPU Profiling Rendering thread issues

Hey there, I work in the unreal engine daily for my job and its been bugging me for awhile but at work in a fully detailed scene with a character and everything running a stat unit I notice we have around 12-14ms for Frame and GPU in a source built editor. Then I pull up my project using non source built and an empty scene is at 16.667MS for both the Frame and the GPU. Why would an empty scene be running at slower than a fully detailed level like this? What settings could be toggled to help increase performance this much.

Thanks for any and all help! :slight_smile:


Sounds like you’ve capped your framerate at 60 fps (1s/60 = 16.666666666…ms). For testing you can uncap your framerate by typing the console command t.maxFPS 0. I would generally not do this all the time, capping the framerate saves you from wasting resources. I generally run the editor at 120fps and for the game I mostly cap it at 60fps.

Also disable smooth framerate in your project settings :slight_smile: