GPU Particle Parameterised Color Over Life Module not working outside editor

I have come across an issue with using a parametrised Color Over Life module on GPU sprite emitters.

When running in editor everything works as expected, particle colour changes dynamically. When running outside of the editor particles are always coloured white, even if their default colour is not white.

This appears to happen regardless of whether the emitter is spawned at runtime or during initialisation (as a component).

I have reproduced this in a new third person C++ project. The sphere effect is spawned at runtime, the head spray is a component attached to the character in the component editor.

It may be noteworthy that the materials are the same and are additive unlit materials.

Screenshot in editor.

Screenshot out of editor (cooked content, running from code).

This also occurs in packaged builds.

This appears to be fixed by not using GPU sprite emitters, which is not ideal.

I have found a solution: using Initial Color + Scale Color / Life as opposed to Color Over Life works as intended outside of the editor (tested in debug game with cooked content and in a shipping package); set Initial Color’s color component to be white and parameterise Scale Color / Life’s color component. This setup appears to be ideal for making adjustments in the future as an added bonus.

This is more of a workaround and Color Over Life does still appear to be buggy outside of the editor.