GPU lightmass wrong when i have many actors

Hi, when using a project with many actors, I get the wrong result. (Using UE5.1)
The error seems to mess with the use of the right lightmap for each object.

After some project optimization, merging some actors by batch into instances or just merging, I manage to get a good result on my computer.

Using the “packed level actor” even though it really does great work managing the drawing calls it seems does not work as the instances for the reduction of actors with the GPU lightmass.

So I thought I solve that problem, but unlikely when I send to bake the light at the office we got the same problem, and it seems to be hardware related.

In my computer with an xr 7900tx can handle the project well after the first optimization round, but if I calculate the light at the office computer with a rtx 2060 it gets again that problem.

Also trying it now with UE5.2 even on my computer what before was good now is wrong again. for this 5.2 test I have updated the UV maps before baking the light to the new uv map system.

As additional info, this project has 39 lightmaps 4k-8k uncompressed. That is a lot but far less than we have done in other projects with the swarm agent.