Google ARCore Services Plugin does not work for IOS


Google ARCore Services plugin ncloud ID does not send and receive since Friday.

This problem only applies to unreal engine. There is no problem with xcode or unity programs or I think there’s a problem with google … but suddenly the connection is broken and cloud id I can’t send and receive

Please check this bug.

Create and Host Cloud ARPin Latent Action” result event returns unsuccessful error.

Does anyone know the solution of the error?


We’ve recently made a switch to a new bug reporting method using a more structured form. Please visit the link below for more details and report the issue using the new Bug Submission Form. Feel free to continue to use this thread for community discussion around the issue.


I think it’s a easy problem but the problem is still not resolved. Creating and Resolve Cloud ARPin Latent Action Result returns consistently failed. Please check.

problem not solved.

yes I created a report 1 week ago.