Glass material problem


I’d like to make materials for a vine bottle, but I have a problem with the opacity settings in UE4. I have 2 objects, one for the glass and one for the liquid. Since the two objects have translucent blending option and the two objects are on top of each other, the opacity settings doesn’t work.
I’ve tried to use opacity at value 1, on the glass bottle, but the liquid inside is still visible. Is there any way to make the glass look more opaque, while still being transparent enough for the liquid inside to be visible.

Here are some screenshots:

Translucent object have to be fully rendered in front or behind other translucent objects, making this a very hard setup to render.

However, if you look at real wine bottles you’ll notice that due to the refraction of the glass you actually can’t see the thickness of the glass, instead the wine will appear to directly touch the outside of the bottle. You can use this to your advantage and just use a single object/material for both the glass and wine.

Thank you, I did just that and it worked.