Given megascan texture giving bad renders on meshes (nanite definition)

Hi, I’m very new to UE5 certainly having a very newbie question. After watching some basic tutorials, I tried to create my first level with Megascan islandic 3D assets (nanite resolution) but texture renders are very bad on each meshes I’m using. For example, this Weathered Icelandic Lava Spire on which I just set the given material into the mesh, and this is the result :

I tried setting manually color, roughness and normal maps, but nothing changed. I’m using UE5 on a Mac M1 Pro, and already used Bridge with Blender but uninstalled it since. After scrolling tutos and forums, I don’t get the (obvious?) thing I’m missing. Thanks for your help !

The problem isn’t the texture, it’s that mac doesn’t support Nanite (or Lumen). Nanite Virtualized Geometry | Unreal Engine Documentation

The mesh you’re seeing is the proxy mesh (the mesh used when nanite isn’t supported), which by default is set to the lowest detail (2000 tris).

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Thanks for your answer. Meaning I should work only with stationary lights and high resolution material instead of nanite meanwhile ?

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Yeah, you will have to use the high resolution version, but you can use whatever type of lights you want.

Though, if you use the nanite version, PCs that support nanite will use the nanite version, and PCs that don’t will use the proxy mesh. So your game can still use nanite, you just won’t see it on your computer.

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