Getting sprint to work in multiplayer

Hey everyone, I’ve been trying forever to get sprint to work for multiplayer games. It seems like it has to do with replication but I’m really not sure. I have a function in my character class called IsSprinting() that gets called from a custom character movement component. It just returns the value of a bool that i have in the character class.
Here’s my code

Basically when i run it in sp, and am sprinting it displays, “Server, sprinting”
But when i run it in mp as a client and am hitting sprint, it says
“Client, sprinting”
“Server, not sprinting”

I really have no clue on how to fix this, and feel like I’ve tried everything.
Any help would be extremely appreciated.

UPDATE(working code):

InputComponent->BindAction(“Sprint”, IE_Pressed, this, &ADiceyCharacter::OnSprintPressed);
InputComponent->BindAction(“Sprint”, IE_Released, this, &ADiceyCharacter::OnSprintReleased);

void OnSprintPressed(){ Sprinting = true; }
void OnSprintReleased(){ Sprinting = false; }

And how do i set it on the server?

where you set Sprinting value ? oh and it must be set on server to be replicated for everyone.

Check out the Client to Server command

Perfect, thank you very much, that worked