Getting all assets that are in content folder


Im trying to get an asset located in the content folder in my project. For that i’m using the class AssetRegistryModule. Please note that the code is executed inside a module.

Here is my code:

TArray<FAssetData> AssetData;
AssetRegistryModule.Get().GetAllAssets(AssetData); //  fill the array with every assets that are in my content folder

The problem is that the array doesn’t seem to have any asset that belongs to my project. I only see assets used by Unreal Engine (paths start with “\Engine”).
The module is executed when the engine start so it has the LoadingPhase property set to “PostEngineInit” in the uproject file.

I tried setting that property to “Default” but I still don’t see the assets that are in my content folder.

Thank you in advance for your help.