GetOwner is returning null

Hello, when I call the method GetOwner in the BeginPlay method I get a null pointer.
This is only the code of the BeginPlay method. I have no idea why it is null. Can you give some hint?

void ASTrackerBot::BeginPlay()

	AActor* MyOwner = GetOwner();
	if (MyOwner == nullptr)
		UE_LOG(LogTemp, Log, TEXT("Id null"));


And you calling it from … ? And the owner is supposed to be … ?

I’m calling it from the TrackerBot class. The owner is the owner of this actor.


The owner is the owner of this actor.

So, if it returns null, then … it has no owner.

TrackerBot doesn’t have an owner since it is not a component, it is not attached to anything. It is an actor in the world.