Get world settings from unopened umap

You can get ULevel of level in asset registry or soft pointer and from there you can access world settings

Problem is this require to load the level so not sure about performance matter

I have made an AWorldSettings class for my levels that contains information I want to store in them. When I’m in my level select menu I want to get that information from all the levels in the game so I can show information about them to the player in a list, so any .umap files in the levels folder or pak files show up in my list of levels.

How do I get this information from them all?

Do you mean like this?

It doesn’t seem to find anything. Maybe I’m not using the right class name?


I think you’d be better off storing this metadata about the levels in an asset separate from the levels, so you don’t have to load the levels in order to access that data.

What would you suggest? I want the system to be dynamic, so you don’t have to manually add every level you want to show up to this list.

I’m not sure, if that’s how you need it to work, but maybe you could have an automatic thing run in the Editor every time you open or save the level, which would update the data table or file or or default settings of object or whatever you’re storing, and save it. Then the level is already loaded into memory and you’ll be caching its last known settings for later runtime use, as I imagine these settings won’t be changing during runtime. If they are changing during runtime then I’m sadly quite lost as to what to do. Just some ideas though; I do think it’s possible to run something like upon level load or just before save automatically, perhaps even without changing the engine source code (just by means of a plugin or maybe even an editor utility blueprint), though I haven’t done anything like that myself.

Sorry for the late reply.

Yeah, that could actually work. I’ll see if I can do something with that. Thanks.