Get Value from VR Blueprint

Hey so I want to get the position and rotation of a component from one of the included VR blueprints, the MotionControllerPawn to be exact. I need to use these values in a C++ script so my question is how do I send these values to a C++ script? Is there something I can add to the blueprint that fetches a value every frame? Or can I somehow access the position and rotation of the Actor’s camera component in a C++ script? I’m very new to this so I’m not sure if it is very obvious.

As you can see above I want the Variables; HMD X Pos, Y Pos, Z Pos, X Rot, Y Rot, and Z Rot to be referenced in a c++ script

So What I want to do is access these float variables in a C++ script, then using said C++ script display those values on the screen or print them in the console.

Thanks for your help and please keep in mind I’m very new to all of this. If you need to see this blueprint to help me get ideas it is included in the VR Blueprint included project and called “MotionControllerPawn”

There really no need to involve blueprints here, create C++ class for your pawn, declare camera component in it (with UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BleuprintReadWrite) so you can manipulate component in blueprint) and then just get location right in C++. Then just make VRPawn blueprint do edits oyu want from you C++ pawn and that it, you can also reparent exiting blueprint too.