Get Normal Maps in Post Processing Material

We are making an outline material that factors in the depth of the scene, drawing black lines around Geometry with a varied depth from the camera. This primary works around the edge of a mesh, but also works across the surface of the mesh where Geo changes depth, as it should.

However, we want to factor in the Normal maps to achieve more detail. Of course this would involve getting the blue channel from every normal map in the scene. For some reason the Scene Texture node does not include normal maps, even though it includes everything else.

How would we get the scene’s normal map data and introduce it to the Post Processing Material?

SceneTexture:WorldNormal Contains that.

Thanks for the reply. But this doesn’t seem right. It looks like its the different kind of normals that shows the direction that each pixel is facing. I just want access to the Normal maps of all the materials. The world normals just show top facing pixels, rather than the normal maps applied to each object.

That is correct. The scene texture is showing the world normals because that is what the camera sees and what the renderer uses to render the final image. It can be used for the edge detection without a problem. Check the tutorial from Epic: Post Processing in UE4: Cel-Shading | Live Training | Unreal Engine Livestream - YouTube

Fair enough, I will give this a try.