General question about light maps

hey guys i have some general questions about light maps and i hope someone can help me out.
in the last few days i had some problems with light maps but i got some great help on AnswerHub to clear them.

Generally i understand now for what light maps are and which kind of problem they can cause but i’m still looking for a common not so time stealing way to cretae them “issue free”.
I really love to work with the UE4 it’s so cool, the work flow is just amazing but creating this stupid light maps makes me just tired especially when it comes to big props like buildings.
I have a lot of buildings with great details, around 9000 polygon / 30.000 Triangles strong which look great in different engines but with UE4 i got all the time lighting problems because of
the lighitng maps. Dark spots, grey areas, complete dark polygons etc… and i’m using already light maps with a size of 2046 x 2046 pixels.

So my question is what can i do to make my live easyer with the light maps? I have really no desire to sit like hours on one stupid light map for one building to get “ok” results. So what is the best way to handle big props with 30.000 triangles and more?
I got the tipp to split objects up but is this really necessary? because there is some need for me to keep them togehther.


No one with the same problems or questions? It is just disappointing to work on projects when you have all this lighting issues. I even found this lighting issues in some of the demo content from epic…. In my opinion UE4 should update to a dynamic GI system, like cryengine….

Lightmap UVs doesnt necessarily need to be great , they just need to be non-overlapping , if my model’s UV for texture is not overlapping i usually use it for lightmap too , if it is overlapping, i would generally do an " Automatic Mapping " < in maya > then tweak the results for some minutes , sew some edges , and that’s it . and i never had any issue with it .

I always do it like that: :slight_smile:

It’s easy, fast and it works for every type of mesh

hey guys thanx for your answers…

Basically it isn’t hard to create a light map for small props… i know but try to create a lightmap for a bigger prob like buildings… when you try to create a lightmap for a prop which has for example 20.000 triangles you will run for 100% into lighting issues.
The second point are textures… when using dark textures, wood, concrete, rocks etc… in the most cases you can’t even find the lighting issues cause the textures are so dark or look already destroyed or dirty… but try to use a light texture like white marbel on a bigger object and you will run also for 100% into lighting problems.

for the clip, basically i do it the same way and it works ok for smaller objects… but take a look at the last released content by epic “realistic rendering” which is by the way very nice :slight_smile: even in this “simple” room we have some lighting problems if someone noticed… And for a person who is very in for details it is just frustraiting to fight with this issues… :slight_smile: