GearVR - Console Commands

Hi- I’m unable to get any stats to print to the screen using 4.16 and a GearVR (with an S8). If the game is running and I use four fingers to bring up the engine console (with GearVR service development mode on) and enter ‘stat fps’ the dialog goes away but nothing happens in game. On the PC - the fps counter shows up correctly but not on device. Is this a bug?

I followed the documentation here: and trying to follow the debugging docs here: and reaching the part where ‘stat memory’ is entered results in nothing added to the screen after hitting “OK”.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

It turns out this is caused by turning on Mobile Multi-View (and possibly Multi-VIew Direct) in Project Settings under Rendering. Turning these features off results in text printing to the screen again.

Yes, you are right that it is caused by the Mobile Multi-View. You don’t have to turn it off though to get your debug info. There’s a setting right below that will re-enable them.

Make sure that the Debug Canvas in Layer setting is enabled. It’s right under the Mobile Multi-View settings.

EDIT: This setting is only available right now in the Oculus VR fork –

I can’t seem to find “Debug Canvas in Layer” and it doesn’t come up searching for it in Project Settings. I’m using 4.17.1 (binary)

Oh wow, it’s not there. It’s actually not in Epic’s binary release. It’s only available right now in the Oculus fork –

It looks like it’s in Epic’s 4.18 and resolves the issue - thanks again.

4.18.2 Mobile Multi-View and Mobile Multi-View Direct are on And
Debug Canvas in Layer is also on

I still don’t see any stat unit text :frowning: