[Gear VR] HISMs don't receive any lighting (neither baked nor dynamic)

This is forums’ thread about the issue: Rendering issues - XR Development - Unreal Engine Forums

Basically I have HISM with several instances. It works fine in PIE with SM5 and ES2, but on the device (when running in Gear VR) HISM actor is pitch black. I tried doing all baked scene and with dynamic directional light. Nothing works.

Here is one of the screenshots:


The rock with texture (from Infinity Blade pack) is non-instanced static mesh. Black mass on the background is HISM actor that uses the same rock model to create instances.

If someone from Epic will be investigating this issue, please let me know how to share my project with you (can’t make it available publicly, but I can share it with Epic privately)

Thanks beforehand

Any news on the subject by chance? Thanks

Did more testing and here is what I found - dynamic directional light doesn’t work on mobile in general. Stationary directional light works and HISMCs render properly when using stationary light. HISMCs do not support lightmaps (yet?).

The problem is that stationary lights require distant field shadows for static lightinfg, which bog down performance a lot more than lightmaps.

So, the fundamental problem is that HISMCs (or batching of static meshes with LODS) are essential for mobile VR and creation of interesting and content rich worlds without massive performance drain, and yet they are no use in mobile VR because they do not render with static lighting :frowning:

any chance someone looked into this already, for 4.13 ?


So, hmm, any luck with investigating this? :frowning:

Gosh, crickets… Bump!!!

Alright, it seems that HISMCs get lightmaps in 4.12.5, but since lightmaps are broken when using “Use normal maps for static lighting” option, I can’t really confirm that’s it works 100% and properly.