Games with dynamic lighting only, how do they solve the problem of shadows being too dark/sharp?

I’m working on a project with a day/night cycle and everything looks good ATM except how stark the shadows are. I’d like some lighter/softer shadows., how do other games do it? Know any examples of games in Unreal with a day/night cycle I can look at? Thanks.

I’ve tried that with mixed results. It does give me lighter shadows but overall the noon light is too bright and the shadows still have a sharp edge.

Essentially it still looks like an alien planet in the middle of the day.

Basically turn the skylight up :slight_smile:

By default, moveable directional light settings will get very soft shadows in a default map and in the time of day map.

Dynamic shadow distance movable light ( param name ), if that’s too low, you’ll get hard shadows.

Num dynamic shadow cascades - increasing that will sharpen everything.

As will tweaking ‘distribution exponent’.

Are you using default params?

I’m using Defaults for those, yes. I’ll look at these settings, thanks.

I assume you’re using a moveable directional light, that usually give very soft shadows by default.

Yeah I’m using a movable Directional light.