Future versions of Unreal Engine to use OpenXR


Hi everyone, we wanted to let you know that in future releases of Unreal Engine, we will be supporting head-mounted AR and VR devices through the OpenXR standard that we’re actively developing in collaboration with our peers through the Khronos Group. We treat OpenXR support in Unreal Engine as a first-class citizen, especially as we look toward the future with Unreal Engine 5.

OpenXR is production-ready in Unreal Engine 4.27 and going forward we recommend that hardware providers provide an OpenXR compatible runtime, with platform extensions and OpenXR extensions offered on the marketplace if required.

Our samples and templates are evolving alongside our tools. In 4.27 we released a new VR Template designed for OpenXR. The template works out-of-the-box on a wide range of VR devices and is an example of how OpenXR improves the life of developers, and the lifetime of their applications. Stay tuned for more templates and samples as our tools mature!

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