Fun with assets

Finally found some time to start getting into UE4 and I have to say I’m extremely impressed. As a quick exercise I threw together this scene to get a little more familiar with the tools. I spent probably about 3-4 hours on this so its definitely not something I’d consider portfolio worthy by any stretch of the imagination, but it was still a lot of fun :slight_smile: I am amazed at how little work it takes in this engine to actually get things looking decent, the below image is literally just a level with some meshes, one directional light source, and a single decal… It’s like Christmas!! :smiley:

Going to make periodic posts in here from time to time, will be slow at first as I’m still trying to finish up a level for a level design competition for a UE3 game but hoping to do a little more in depth scene using the cave effects assets next.

That’s looking really good. Really like the lighting that you have set up.

Wow!! That looks awesome! Great job evilmrfrank

Great visual direction as always!

Looks nice, can’t wait to see more shots from this. I love cold environments. =)

That is awesome looking man. When I saw it I thought of Skyrim with an upgrade and ironically my fiance called me and my ringtone on my phone is from the reveal trailer “He is Dragonborn! FUS RO DAH!” Music plays for about a minute when I saw this and it just brought a smile to my face. Awesome work man.

Looks good Mister Frank :slight_smile:

Nice, that shield really comes up nicely with the physical shader.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: Just wanted to make sure to mention this. This was using the assets from the elemental demo, I didn’t make any of them. I just threw a quick scene together to get a little more familiar with it. I plan on posting a more final piece sometime this weekend or in the following week using the effects demo stuff. Mostly trying to get more familiar with materials, vfx, and lighting now.

Thats the most amazing part of this engine. Its so streamlined. While in UDK you have to pull every part of your hair out to get anything to not look terrible. The difference is beyond night and day.

Put together another scene to try and get a bit more familiar with UE4’s regular tools things such as lighting, vfx, materials, and blueprint. All art assets were from the effects demo created by Epic.

Looks good. Is the grass also an asset from Epic? In which package is it included?

Scene is so good i thought at first it was a concept design. :slight_smile:

That is very well done! I agree w/ Ryzon, it looks almost like concept art w/ the painted feel it invokes.

Keep em coming sir! =)

Very nice work Mr Frank! :smiley:

Is the water a painted on effect or just the planes?

I like switch in environment type.

I can’t check atm where exactly it was located in the content browser but you can find it in the cave effects demo.

The water is painted in using the mesh painting tool, basically copied the floor out of the effects demo map and repainted it XD There are also splash vfx and water falling from the ceiling into the puddle that is quite noticeable in editor but the pic didn’t capture that very well for some reason

Might be a week or more before I post any more pics, going to be spending the week learning blueprint XD

Wow you work fast… I make 4 walls, a roof and a floor in like 1 hour :slight_smile:

Going to do a quick scene tonight and stream the progress. Plan is to have the scene finished tonight, preferably before 1AM EST

Doing another scene using the cave effects demo assets as well as one or two custom meshes I’ll also make in the stream.

Finished up another scene, you can watch the full production of the scene from start to finish in the previous broadcasts here Twitch. I’m not entirely happy with this one and kept running into weird issues that I wasn’t able to fix like the God ray meshes that I copied out of the cave demo map were disappearing every time I unselected them so I ended up having to delete them XD Anyone know why this might be happening?