Fully dynamic outside lighting, reflection and light probes

Is there a way of having a dynamic sun that replicates a day/night cycle, while keeping the nice reflections ?
I understand those reflection/light volume probes are done with lightmass, and since lightmass doesn’t run with fully dynamic lighting then i don’t get them
I’d be very happy with predefined reflection/light probes at various times of day (where the engine would blend between 2 closest ones), even an abrupt day/night switch won’t look that jarring if blending isn’t possible.

Sadly…fully dynamic setups are not yet supported with all the same and fancy things as static ones. Hopefully we get something soon :wink:

not at this point, no.
in some other time and some other place (the beta), I suggested that the Sky Light could be re-captured dynamically as well as making reflection probes dynamic.
one of epic’s programmers replied that recapturing of the Sky Light could be made dynamic in the future. However I don’t know if this feature made it to the public release of UE4 yet, if it’s still planned, or if it was scrapped.
he also said that reflection probes will probably never be updated continuously because of an enormous cost to update, but that maybe they could be updated very infrequently.

I too would like the possibility to trigger the re-capturing of reflection probes. things like opening a door or a big window (ie. the dark room where a window is opened and light comes in, in the Elemental demo), or maybe updating probes infrequently in a radius around the player.
pre-defined and blended based on various times of day sounds very good too, but somehow I feel that brings other problems because time of day isn’t integrated out of the box.

if it serves as food for hope, know that Fortnite has a similar setup (outdoors game with time of day) so let’s hope it brings new solutions in this area