FSocket Sending Blank data

Hey all,

I have UE4 connecting to my C# server using FSockets and for playing a single UE4 from the editor all is working great and the FSocket performs perfect all data transfers through all the threaded async c# servers correctly.

My issue is that when I play 2 or more from the editor the FSocket is not sending the bytes but it does send the array of bytes which are all Zeros This does sometimes lets one of the UE4 clients work which is strange.

Here is a little more information.

From UE4 I can confirm that the Bytes sending are being constructed correctly and that the first Byte contains at least something other than a 0(zero) in this example its a 4.

The next stage is that the FSocket sends the data to the c# server.

The C# Server is a Multi Threaded Asynchronous server
At the point the data comes into the server this is zero byte data, What I mean by this is that I send 20 Bytes where the first bytes maybe a 4 and this is verified from the UE4 FSocket before sending. The result is 20 bytes of 0(zero)

I appreciate this is a little confusing but I can’t figure out any other way to explain this.
I’m not 100% convinced its the FSocket as there is all the C# Server code however playing the UE4 from editor as a single play it all works perfect.

I have also tried this from a build just in case it was the editor.

Any suggestions would be appreciated


For me to fix this error I had to rebuild how I did all the data transfer using ASync Only, so if anyone wishes to know please let me know and I will go try to go through it.