Frustrating light bleeding issues

Hi guys so i am trying to create a interior level …But no matter what i try i am getting light bleed in almost every corner of my rooms . I have looked into many youtube tutorials and i am using my own meshes not bsps or starter content .I have read that i need a second set of uvs I have no idea what is meant by this … I model my meshes in blender then unwrap them to be painted in substance painter …I have also increased the lightmap resolution from the default 64 to 128 and right upto 512 With no effect … im trying to create a dark level which is lit via a torch and the odd flickering light yet i have light patches all over the place .im getting very frustrated and fed up lol any advice guys???

Have you built your lighting, is realtime on, does it occur in standalone game

Well one of the tutorials i followed (try to follow) Called for me to adjust the sun light settings .But i could not see the results of my adjustments without rebuilding which was a nightmare for obvious reasons . i have been building my lighting after every adjustment .

Is the skylight set to movable?

it was set to stationary is that wrong? lol

Ok i got fed up and deleted ALL lightsources and i STILL get lightbleed…WTF there are litteraly no light sources im losing the will to live here guys lol

If you put your project on google drive I’ll look at it. It’s really tough figuring out a problem like this with no pictures of content to look at.

hmm dont use google drive but i can make a quick video

you have gmail? If you do google drive is drag and drop, video might work too

its fine im surrounded by kids at the moment anyway cant concentrate for **** . lol i will post a thread when i have more time sorry for wasting yours

Hello again guys so after a few hours of messing about last night i came up with a very simple very dirty solution to my problem … since the level im working on is completely indoors and i do not plan on having any windows looking out into the world i simply built a huge box that encompasses the entire level this blocks the sunlight and works perfectly . But i assume that this a very lazy and cheating way to accomplish the result i want .And also limits me in terms of outside space as i cannot now have windows further down the line … if i make the box invisible will it still block the light ?

Ok so yet again im back .But this time with a video … displaying light problems in general not just light bleed .for example all of the lockers in the video are the exact same asset i created in blender and painted in substance painter yet some of them appear a completely different colour . i feel like this issue is a major roadblock at the minute guys .Do i need to change my entire workflow invest in maya? or am i simply missing a step … any help or advice is appreciated guys thank you

i also include a look at my specs guys in case that might be an issue

Firstly, try adding a “LightmassImportanceVolume” to your scene which extends around the entire hallway (playable area) of your scene.

Next, I noticed that you have world lighting in the form of your directional light and your skylight. The only other light is your spotlight. Try adding a couple of pointlights to the interior hallway area too and see if that helps.

I had similar issues although I am using MayaLT to build our meshes. I fixed it by editing the UV’s in Maya and used the layout tool with the UV map set to 1024. Once you import the mesh set the light map to the same resolution as the UV (1024 in our case). It seems the key is having the light map set to the same resolution as the UV map

:frowning: No luck guys my lighing is still messed up this problem is beginning to do my head in lol