Friend and I cant work in UEFN together HELP!!!


My friend and I are trying to edit in UEFN together but when he is placing something I do not see it reflected on my end and when I place something his editor does not see it on his end. We are not sure what we are doing wrong. We are both in the same project. Is it because my project is saved to my cloud?

(Copied answer from previous thread)
Unfortunately multi-user live editing is not supported yet. To work on the same project with multiple users you need to push/pull changes between eachother from Unreal’s Revision Control, then push those changes to your live-edit session to see them.

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You must work “old style” … simple check in/check out After every change and push change immediatly on the Cloud repository. Not so confortable but work. Best paractice can be you and your Friends work on different think in the map ti reduce impact.

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