Friday the 13th Developer Interview - May 4th - Live from Epic HQ

On this livestream we will have a special guest on to discuss their upcoming UE4 game, but who they are and what game they’re releasing is a secret. Post your guess to what game it could be based on the teaser above and you could win a free code! Tune into the stream to find out who won.

UPDATE: It was Randy Greenback with Friday the 13th!

Our winners are:
Mike Sims‏

Thursday, May 4th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


UPDATE: Randy Greenback - Executive Director - @Randygbk](
Alexander Paschall - Community Manager - @UnrealAlexander](


Gaben announcing HL3 in UE4!

Hmm based on your video it’s some retro game for sure :slight_smile: Dead Static Drive perhaps?

The Ring… LOTR?

Looks like Metal Gear Solid inspired to me.

Reminds me of Strafe with that 90s aesthetic™

I think this is Friday the 13th game. Totally 80’s dude :smiley:

Reikon Games with RUINER and a release date!

I am with this guy. And if it isn’t, you should totally have them on some other livestream.

Are you sure its not the Russian guy from this?

Look closely at the starting graphics! Hmmmm…?


Great guesses, really interesting so far :smiley:

I’m surprised that no one has said CliffyB yet. That’s my guess: Cliff Bleszinski in the House of Unreal to discuss LawBreakers.

It reminds me a lot of We Happy Few even if it’s not for that. The lightning kind of makes me think Far Cry Blood Dragon 2, but my guess is going to be We Happy Few.

Friday the 13th?

Cliffy B did say that he was making a full VR Game. That would be my guess :slight_smile:

Willing to bet on Lawbreakers.

Was just gonna post that. Do “double-guesses” count? :smiley:

Sonic Unreal Generations.

Event[0] maybe?

It reminds me of Kung Fury. Cool.

Zelda - Link are you still there? lol - wild guess