Frequent GearVR crash, related to FOpenGLShaderParameterCache?


our team has troubles pinpointing the reason for a (seemingly random) runtime crash on GearVR. It might be related to Shading (see the log below; following the trace, I end up in “UE_4.18\Engine\Source\Runtime\OpenGLDrv\Private\OpenGLShaders.cpp”, I guess around Line 2957?).

We use the GalaxyS7, built with development. I ruled out masked materials as a reason. Other than that we have some dynamic materials, level switches (open level) and “set actor location” calls. The crash seems to occure more frequently during these.

Is there a better debugging option for GearVR?
Can anyone give me a hint on the crash cause?

adb -logcat result: --------- beginning of crash02-07 15:47:21.825 14907 15567 F libc : Fatal -

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I’ve came across this very same problem. Error occurs on Oculus GO and Galaxy S6 / Galaxy S7. Again, No exact reason apparent, though it appears to be more frequent shortly after traveling from one level to another, or after putting the headset back on, after putting it down. I’ve managed to crash the game with visual studio attached, though I was unable to pinpoint exact error cause that way as it way to difficult for me to read :frowning: Crash occured with 4.17 and 4.19 source built engines. If anyone has some idea about this I’m all ears.

logcat: Logcat_crashstack_01 -
VS stack: VS_crashstack_01 -

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try turning off the Mobile Multi-View (both normal and direct) under rendering settings. There seems to be some bug in there, at least the crashes did not occur again for us after disabling multi-view.


Follow up: Found a workaround.
After changing open gl version from 2 to 3.1 the crash ceased to occur.