Freeze absolute world position data

I’m creating an arena that are made up from individual blocks that can independently sink into lava beneath. To get the blocks to match up I’ve used an absolute world position node on the texture shader, so that they all fit together and tile seamlessly. However, this also means that, whenever I move one of the blocks, it updates the texture according to the world position.

Now, my question; is there some way to freeze the texture after it’s been placed, so that the texture appears static, and can “break off” from the other blocks in game, or is there a better alternative to get my result?

Hey Mr.Jinxed -

I think this is going to require a bit of blueprint and material magic. You would need to get the world position through blueprint at construction and then pass that into a vector parameter into your material, which would essentially give you a static variable.

I would need to see your material setup though to be absolutely positive.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum