Freedom Locomotion System Presentation video – what I hope is a game changing VR locomotion solution

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on a very full featured locomotion system for a while now, and am finally ready to reveal:

My website can provide additional details

But I’m happy to answer questions too as they come.


Demo is up:

Looks really clean, good job.

Cheers! Big thanks to you too!

cool, are you looking at releasing this on your website? the marketplace? as a tutorial series? or just as a game in general?

Releasing it as a free demo on Steam. But as far as selling code goes, still evaluating options - which will be dependent on feedback and contact.

If nothing else, would definetly like to start working on a game with this serving as the basis for movement.

Alright, looking forward to the demo. Hopefully you will consider the marketplace, gumroad or other ways of selling, looks like a promising system a lot of people could do cool things with. :smiley:

(including myself =P I’d love to see how it was done) :rolleyes:

Great work man! Really looking forward to giving this a go!

Gumroad or Itch might be a good idea for you due to the plugin use. You would have to discuss with the plugin author though. (mordentral) (i think i read you were using openvr expansion plugin…)
Keen to try it out tomorrow.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Looks like a solid set of solutions.

Hey Zap, Croatoan here from Neogaf. Really happy to see you have gotten this system up and running. Super impressive stuff. Its pretty much the exact system we want to implement into our game. Unfortunately, I am going to have to go along with the others urging you to release on the marketplace though. If you really want to cause a paradigm shift you need to make sure the little guys have access to your stuff as well! That doesn’t mean you have to sell it super cheap though. That said, I fully understand your desire to be a consultant.

We have released an asset on the Unity store and are developing Weapon Master VR for the UE4 marketplace so if you have any questions or worries feel free to pm me.

Brilliant work man. Looking forward to try it out too.

Hey Croatoan!

I’m listening, and I hear you all! I just need to do due dilligence before taking irreversible action. Also, I’ll probably need to work with a more experienced dev to refine the solution so it’s more broadly robust for actual game use if I choose to go down this path, so it won’t be an overnight thing if I do go down that route - if the demo takes off.

Also, big thanks to you: The BP pic you shared of your own walking in place attempt way back then was the spark that helped to light the fire!

Thanks very much! Big fan of your work too. Thanks a lot for the print to VR tip. so simple, but such a time saver!

For sure yes :slight_smile: and do let me know if you want to do some VR sparring in the future. I don’t talk to other people about VR development. Would be nice to do some exchange of ideas and stuff. If you’re up for it, e-mail me at

No problem, I am glad to have helped!

Really nice! I liked the Anti-Boundary solution the most.

Did you also messed around with some ways to tackle 6 DOF movements [zero gravity] ?!

Really interested in this, assuming it’s not truly Vive only. Is this a plugin or Blueprint? Have you given any thought to a Superman-like flight system? I’ve had one in mind for a while but would be very interested in how you would approach it.

Looking forward to trying out the demo.

I actually accidentally created a flight system while making the climbing system when I was starting with it… It was a nice bit of fun, and I might revisit it one day.

It involved grabbing then pulling in the direction of travel to make it work. But it was highly vection inducing and wasn’t what I actually wanted, so it transformed into actual climbing functionality.

What was compelling though was the motion of grabbing at the air and accelerating through space the more you pulled.

Interesting, I was actually almost thinking of the opposite, where if you want to slow down or stop moving, you pull your arms in close to your body. Haven’t had time to do any real testing.

Yeah, it depends on the sort of flight you want.

The feeling my accidental flight system gave me was like - you stretch out your arms to start… then activate, and then pull your fists towards the ground, making it feel like you’ve pulled yourself into flight. Was great. Although not particularly fleshed out, so was quite buggy and problematic in a lot of ways.