Free UE4 Multiplayer Template Project - Listen Server, Steam

UE4 Multiplayer Template

Hi All.
I made this project because I think multiplayer games share most menu features.
I thought it would be nice to not have to start over from scratch, every time I try some new multiplayer game design.


  • Everything in blueprint.
  • Only listen servers
  • You can use it for dedicated server too but you need UE4 source build, search for how to make a dedicated server.
  • Steam Profiles and Finding / Hosting Games through Steam, Requires you to be logged in on Steam and run as Standalone Game or Packaged Project.
  • Main Menu.
  • Host Menu.
  • Server Menu.
  • Lobby Menu.
  • Gameplay Game Mode which has timers that changes the Match State to: Waiting to Start, In Progress and Waiting Post Match.
  • Ps. Lobby count down timer starts when server is full and everyone is ready.
  • Ps. Gameplay timers can be found in GameplayGameState.


  • Pack it up.
  • Rebuild project.
  • Start steam if you already haven’t.
  • Run as Standalone Game or Packaged Project.
  • Make a great game.


This project is made entirely with blueprints thanks to mordental’s Advanced Sessions Plugin.…essions-plugin


This is exactly what I was needing. I wanted to use simple listen server and steam for a project but wasn’t sure where to start. I am sure this will help get things moving much faster thanks man :slight_smile:

just when i searched for something like this, this appeared. you sir are awesome :smiley:
oh and please do a dedicated one too, i would dedicate my first born to you

How is it working for everyone? :slight_smile:
Anything you think should be different?
Anything you think is missing?

Unfortunately i can’t make dedicated servers.
Seems like you need UE4 source to be able to build a server version.
There are a few tutorials out there about making a dedicated server.

I’m really close to getting the project to work with Amazon Game Lift, cloud hosting for dedicated servers :smiley:

What UE4 version is this on? im having issues starting it up. it has to rebuild even if i choose a different version

I get the same problem as Connormcfarland
Asks to rebuild but doesn’t actually rebuild…
Was really hoping to try this out

@Demrok I answered Connor in a pm :slight_smile: It does work, are you using UE4 4.20? You only have to click rebuild and it should start. Another one i helped had something going on with visual studio, but the template started after a reinstall of VS. Feel free to join me on Discord.

Oh man… It was because I didn’t have Visual Studio installed… Ugh lol

This would be amazing.

Does this work with 4.21?

Haven’t had time to try that yet but i think it should, haven’t been any major change i think :slight_smile:

I tried packing it with shipping options for windows x64 and in logs I get Steam API disabled yellow warning message. Any idea how to fix it?

Same happens to me as @draand28 mentioned above. I tried to google it but no solution found yet. I’m using engine version 4.21.

@draand28 , it can be that the advanced session plugin has been change to work with 4.21.
Try replacing the advanced session plugins with mordentals new plugin.

Sorry that I havent upgraded the project myself yet, I’m working on getting Gamelift working atm.

in shipping build process. Steam shutting down.

After process finished. go to:


and paste a file called steam_appid.txt or create one.

and finally, problem solved. Steam pop-up comes up and everything works again.

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Still getting the same error. Here is a full log:

Hello, @hamaro02 - thanks so much for making this template. I’ve downloaded it, rebuilt it, started Steam, and hosted a game. For some reason the client cannot locate the hosted game. Not getting any error messages. Any ideas? Thank you!

Would you please do something similar but towards mobile phones, i tried looking for any resources or tutorials regarding multiplayer games for mobile phones.
But everything i find only focuses on steam even on epic documentation.

Would really use some help here.

Many thanks

gamelift tutorial please!