[FREE] Luos's FREE Modular Caves/Rocks mini Package!







Second: the download link!

Luos’s FREE Modular Caves/Rocks Package.

Created by: Yoeri “Luos” Vleer

Contact info.
Skype: Luos_83 (Can also be used to ask me to join a big ue4 skype-group)
Twitter: Luos_83

This content has been created as a small free version of the package that is on the UE4 marketplace: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketp…ar-rocks-caves
The purchasable package will have 450 meshes, and much muuuuch more!
Check it out at: https://forums.unrealengine.com/show…p-Cave-package

This free package will work identical to the big package and contains:

  • 1 simplified material. (Purchasable pack offers more features)

  • 2 new materials. (4096 res, Albedo, Roughness, Normal)

  • Few new Material instances.

  • 1 new Material function.

  • Material for mushrooms + colored material instances.

  • 25 new meshes consisting out of:

  • 6 modular pieces. (I, L, T, X-section, entrance and transition mesh)

  • 19 prop pieces. (2 Columns, 1 Arch, 2 Floors, 2 Mite/tites, 3 Rocks, 9 Mushrooms)

  • 2 maps. (interior and content showcase)

some images of the content: Luos's Free Rock/Cave package - Album on Imgur


Just place the content of the zipfile in its entirety on any drive location and double click the LuosFreeCaves.uproject
Now it should also show up on the launcher.

Copy the “Content” folder into your project folder (you should see a “Content Folder” already.
It should not overwrite anything. (DONT do this if you already own the purchasable package, as it already contains these assets)

Place the content inside the “Content” folder in the “Content” folder of your project.

If you like it, please purchase the bigger more mad-*** package from the UE4 marketplace!
Greetings and loads of E-hugs from me!

Again, be sure to check out: https://forums.unrealengine.com/show…p-Cave-package & https://www.unrealengine.com/content…2ee1df319d2db4

  • Yoeri “Luos” Vleer out!

Very nice thnx!

Plan on purchasing your cave package when I get the money. :slight_smile:

That was a great idea :smiley:
and, those sexy’s mushrooms :rolleyes: loved !!!

Keep it awesome :smiley:

thanks for share it, it is amazing!

Sweet! I must have missed the discussion of the free pack, had no idea it was coming :wink:

800mb free pack? That’s very generous of you, thanks!

thanks for sharing, much appreciated:)

ooh very nice pack, are the textures from photo references?

Wow. Now Ill have to modify my level design concept to figure out how to get these beautiful assets into it. Thanks!

It was a semi-secret, worked my buttocks off last 7 days to create it.
And the only reason its 800mb is due to lightmaps from one of the levels and 6 4096/4096 textures.
:slight_smile: hug


Glad you like them Bruno! brohugs

Yes, whenever I go out and see a rocky surface I tend to go all “Oooh must make photo!”
Both the wall and floor texture are a combination of photos though.
I have done better textures, but imho these look fine.
Normal map of the floor could use some tweaking, but if you implement this free package into the purchasable one, you can adjust it easily.

:slight_smile: Imagine what you can do with the big pack!

Hey Lous, Awesome work! Finally glad to see your cave pack getting released! :slight_smile:

I’ve moved this thread over to Community Content and left a permanent re-direct here in Released. You’ll get more coverage that way!

Thank you! Nice sharing!

Im Looking into that :3

The readme doesn’t mention the details of the license. Is it “No Rights Reserved” CC0-like release, completely free to use in any UE4 projects with no strings attached, or do you want attribution, non-commercial use, etc., etc.?

Thanks :slight_smile: Really excited about soon being on the marketplace as well!
Thanks for moving the thread, really appreciated!

No probs!


Basically its do whatever you want with it, use it in non-commercial, commercial, thank me, dont thank me, put it on a zipdrive, send it to the moon and let the yet unfound aliens of Moohn’Rah produce actual caves with it, or keep the zipfile on your hdd and forget about it.

That said, I would appreciate it if people wouldnt publish this as their own stuff ofcourse.

Good point actually, ill update the readme in there later.

Thank you Yoeri ! This is pushing me to switch my current game from ortho to perspective view

Hmm, wouldnt the meshes work in ortho?

A big thank you for this awesome gift !

thank you:)

Updated the main post with a link to the marketplace version: https://www.unrealengine.com/content/44e7fdc478654478b22ee1df319d2db4
Also added a link to the other free pack :slight_smile: