[FREE] Luos's FREE Modular Caves/Rocks mini Package!

Thank you very very much

Ooooh toys to play with as I try to figure out how UE4 even works! Thanks!

I am very glad that every one here seems to enjoy there Rock package. After I had downloaded the free package (4 times), all I get is an empty package with nothing in it except a blank floor, skybox and a player start marker. What do I need to do get get it to work?

Sorry for the late reply, never gotten an email about it.

You just need to open the correct level or check the content browser.


I made the package 4.9 ready, as well as reducing the filesize about 200mb without any detail or information loss!
I also uploaded the file to gumroad, ( UE4 - Luos's Free Rocks & Caves ) its still free but allows people to donate if they want to :slight_smile:

Additional note:
This package is also now permanently embedded in the version available on the marketplace, so if you purchase/update that one, no need to merge it with this one!


Hello Luos,

I donated and downloaded your mini-cave package today. I unzipped to my project folder and all assets show in their appropriate folders, but when I try to load either of the two maps, I get error logs for everything. I am running 4.10.1 Is this package not ready for 4.10.1 yet?



Here you go:
4.10 version, and already has the other package (Luos’s & Nopals Free rocks) embedded :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks so much.

Can I replace the folder, or should I use FixupRedirect Commandlet and then delete previous version folder?


I think you should be able to just overwrite it :slight_smile:

Since the folders have different names (LuosFreeCaves, LuosFreeRocksCaves), I went into the content folder via explorer and deleted LuosFreeRocksCaves (older version) and then unzipped LuosFreeCaves (4.10) to the content folder. Then I opened Epic Launcher and opened project. Like before all the assets are there. I dragged a couple of the static meshes into a level with no problem, but when I tried to open one of your maps, it didn’t work.

See attached screenshots

Hello Galadhlinn

I am a bit confused, there is no “LuosFreeRocksCaves” folder.
There is a “LuosRocksAndCaves” folder, but that is from the purchasable package which is available on the marketplace.
The original free cave one’s main folder is “LuosFreeCaves” and the free one Nopal and me made is “Luos_Nopal_freeRocks”. Both have the “LuosCaves” folder in the content folder.

I also checked for any differences in 4.9 and 4.10 folder structure… but there are non, besides the addition of the Nopal package being merged.
Can you contact me on skype: Luos_83 so I can figure out what is going on?

This is beautiful and price/content ratio is great!

Thats because its free :wink:

We have poor internet tonight (very remote mtn area along .CA border).
Attached is screen of the file folders I have.


Hello Galadhlinn, I checked the content a few times now and have no clue what is going on atm that is causing this.
It might have something to do with deleting the content instead of overwriting it.
If its just the map that doesn’t load, but the rocks are working fine, just disregard it.
If the meshes dont load either, something odd is going on.

Pretty cool. :slight_smile: Thanks for the contribution.

Hey peeps, is there any chance one of you still has the 4.5 version of this package on their computer/server?
I lost it :confused:

Hi there. The gumroad link ends up at a 404 page. Any chance for an updated link? Thanks.


Nevermind. I was looking at the second gumroad link you posted. The first one works fine. Thanks!

Oh you already found it when I wanted to reply :slight_smile:
Well… since I got the link copied, imma post it anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Great stuff! Which program did you use to model in?