Free Asset: 'Showcase' Blueprint ( showcase your models with ease )

  • Download and install 4.7
  • Create 4.7 project
  • Add the showcase files to that project
  • Convert that project to the version you want
  • Migrate the showcase files to your project of the same version

i’m downloading it now , thanx for the great work bro …

Ok so it’s free can you give me a working download link and link to YouTube video on how to use it and embed the project into my website for a showcase, please?

Hiya, can you share how you got it working? For me when I double click the Showcase Level, nothing is loading :frowning:

Link dead can you reupload the blueprint please ?

There are other links available in the thread Charles, just verified that they work myself. Thanks all very much for sharing this, really nice work!

Hi everyone,

on 4.9 and 4.10 when ever I open the Showcase Map on a brand new project The skybox or the HDRI image is black! I have some lighting on the default meshes but the sky is black.
any Idea of whats wrong here ?

I went ahead and fixed up the errors that were happening on 4.9 and 4.10.

You can grab it here Showcase Download

Jarlan.Perez, can you explain what you did to fix the errors? I’m trying to open your version in 4.9, but I get an error saying the map file may be corrupt and then the editor crashes.

I’m having trouble with this. When I put the folder into a 9.2 content folder, unreal crashes as soon as the project opens.

Tks, very tks!

Is it possible to use my own HDRIs? Also the download link is broken.

Hey everyone, we made a new version of this capable of showcasing your models using a Blueprint. You are able to use it like if it were Marmoset or any other 3D Model viewer, use turntables and a flythrough. This version comes with one of the characters of Infinite Blade for visualizations purposes, i hope we are not breaking any rule since those are licenced to Epic. It is super useful, thank you Osman!

Thanks a lot for developing & sharing…
I may guess it is only for UE4.11…!! is that true!?

Yes, forgot to mention this is 4.11.

@Mauriccio: Nice, thx for improving, but I think you should remove the point lights in the blueprints tho. Because people want to set up their own lighting. Try to keep it simple, adding the camera is good enough

Thank you Ray Le, we are not really planning on making a new version but hope this helps our awesome community to showcase their models, if someone wants to make it even cooler that would be awesome. I really don’t want to get credit for this, since Osman is the one who created it, we just wanted to showcase our models using it and while working on it we thought it would be cool to share this new version.

Aww man this is neat but I wanna use it on the latest versions

Hey Osman, great work!
since this showcase template is free and open, I would suggest to anyone who are interested to further develop adding new features.
here are my top 5 features that I think is a “must have”:

1 - Scene Rotation (A: Skybox Independent Rotation, B: Skybox + Lights Rotation, C: All scene rotation including 3d models) this is very important!
2 - Turntable (with on/off, speed, rotation direction options)
3 - Scriptable Sky Objects for managing multiple skies per scene (each HDRI sky have their own light, light position, Sky rotation and settings)
4 - HUD for Gameplay mode, with all the options of the editor (ability to change the HDRI image, camera settings, materials etc, in game)
5 - FX and LUT settings

here you go, this is my top 5 must have features
I would pay for a such showcase toolkit.


I would definitely recommend you check out aaronkaminer’s Marmoset for UE4 Marketplace product which has been submitted and should hopefully be released soon :slight_smile:

in in the meantime you could always buy it off Gunroad :wink: