Free Asset: 'Showcase' Blueprint ( showcase your models with ease )

Man this is so great. Now i can render all my models in UE4 for Portfolio and so on :smiley:
Thank you so much for that.

I have an Idea for improving:
Like in Marmoset, that the User can rotate the Sky, not the model.
Also an Depth of Field Function inside the Blueprint would be cool :slight_smile:
Great Work!

Just a heads-up. When I un-rared the files, there was no folder named “Showcase”. This is critical, as I created one in my project and named it differently, and everything broke. Once I rewatched the vid, I noticed that the folderName was not ShowcaseBP, or ShowcaseBP_0_2, but just Showcase. Anyone having any errors, just make sure to get the folder name right.

This is very cool. Can you explain what the format of the image needs to be for the Custom Skybox? I’m assuming an nvidia formatted cube map? If so, what are you using to create them?
EDIT: Ok, so they’re not literal cubemaps, but just LatLong hdr’s. Why can I not drag my own into the custom slot? It just shows as red when I try, and my own won’t work. What am I missing?

Many Thanks for this! Here’s a quick test with some digital human data!


@ Osman Many Thanks for sharing this… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice… :slight_smile:

I had (successfully) imported my HDR … which had been created using Renderding Unreal Engine 4 HDR Images method…

your Blueprint is awesome! But I am missing the possiblity to rotate the HDRs in X and Y direction. Can you integrate this feature in your tool? Unfortunately I have not so many experiences with the Blueprint system. For this reason I cannot do this on my own.:frowning:

Best regards, Andreas

turntable + output to video in one button :slight_smile:

Love this btw, become a real easy test enviro for my assets rather than loading my entire (bulky) project.

Very nice :slight_smile:

I agree, thank you very much for this, it’s truly appreciated, as much as I love Marmoset, it was beginning to hamper my ability to show true engine work. Once again THANK YOU!


Just wanted to say “thank you” for your Showcase Blueprint. It helped me to better understand PBR workflow. I made some modifications to your Blueprint and I was able to rotate HDRI maps.

Recently, I’ve finished my Advanced Glass Material Pack and made this video (4K at 60FPS):


Your link is dead.

Looks great :slight_smile: keep it up

Plz Reupload Link is down :frowning:

So i downloaded this and copied over the folder to my project’s content folder but it’s not being recognized in-editor.

When i try to drag/drop the assets from the folder into the content browser it says unrecognized file type.

Could it be a version issue? Which version is this compatible with?

Now I am being serious when I say this tool is a life saver… no I am not trolling I am 100% honest, and happy with this tool all I want to know is how much it costs, that way I will not need a site to show case my models and textures and sprites and audio and music. :smiley:

Hello Osman, I just wanted to mentioned that your link is dead :’(

Here is a link to all of Osman’s files for this Blueprint showcase.

Download HERE

Dang, this is awesome! Thanks!

Here is a mirror as the original link is down and Jack M’s Dropbox link won’t last long (Dropbox automatically takes down popular links as it’s not a file sharing service). I’ll keep this link up forever basically, and it’s behind a CDN (CloudFlare) so no issues handling the bandwidth:


So i got it working and it’s definitely a time saver!

Is there any way to adjust/disable the blur applied to the HDRI maps?

I imported some 8K HDRI maps and they’re all blurry - If i add an unbound Post Process volume and change the Depth of Field mode they become less blurry but still blurred.

Hey guys, sorry for the dead link. This was hosted a long time ago on my personal website and I haven’t looked at my website in ages. The whole thing is down :slight_smile:

It seems you guys found mirrors, but one of these days I’ll make sure to get it up somewhere more official hopefully ( and polished with more features! ).

I’m glad you guys found uses for it!

@CharlestonS - could you let us know what you did to get it working? I followed the video, but I am getting the same issues you were in your earlier post