Free Asset: 'Showcase' Blueprint ( showcase your models with ease )

Hey guys, is the set-up that I use when I test my PBR materials in Unreal.
I know the default ‘Starter Content’ includes something like this, but it can’t hurt to share this too!
It works a little different; it has several different light-environments to choose from and a few easy to tweak settings.

is a quick video demonstrating how to install and use it. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Note: I will keep adding features to this whenever I find more time. If you have any ideas, let me know!


Hey guys, new version is ready. I couldn’t do a lot of work on it, but this should help a few people out I think. I’ve exposed a few more things you can tweak and also an option for a custom skybox. If you don’t want a skybox at all you can turn down it’s intensity and use a solid color( or both! )

[FONT=Arial Black]Download it



RIP Marmoset.

Really nice and just what I was looking for.

Could you add a few out door HDR’s?

great job , and thank you for sharing that with us :wink:

Nice work, ! Got my copy!

I agree with Tom on this one. No need to have that extra software around with something like this. :wink:


Haha @ Tom

Glad you guys like it. I’ll add a few outdoor HDR’s Frankie :slight_smile:

@ Tim, exactly, and I’m trying to keep this lightweight so that it’s easy to drop into any project you have :smiley:

Going to expose some more controls to tweak ( ao, fringe, vignette, LUT etc ) today

Is there a way to add this to launcher’s library vault, like the marketplace “Animation Starter Pack”? that has the option to “Add to project”.


As a motivator if you up size it this would be a marketplace product that I would be willing to pay for.

If it had a “make it look good button” that if the current lighting rig is save to a new map wow one less thing to worry about.

Looks great for working on your materials, as well as presenting WIP shots.

Hay though you might like to know that one can do a bit more than just make materials with your show case :wink:

Not to be a pest…mostly but a few matinee turn table options would be nice.

I actually have a product in mind for release hopefully around Q1 2015 :slight_smile:

I would suggest you see:


for further details.

p.s. I have also discussed this with in private as a potential collaboration effort.

hey, you did contact me, I however declined the offer because like I said in the PM ‘I want to keep this basic and free’.

Just wanted to point that out to reduce any confusion. This will stay free :slight_smile:

Good luck with your asset, if you have any questions etc, post away!


New version is on the way, with some more controls for post-process effects and some other cool features.

Hi ,
Yes thank you for pointing that out. I thought it was not my place to speak for you, hence I left it open ended for you to complete + I said potential so no damage done :wink:

Updated the top post with a new version :slight_smile:


“Hay though you might like to know that one can do a bit more than just make materials with your show case” That’s what I’m talking about. Hubba hubba. (FrankieV) Must be one of those Daz3d characters you’re always talking about. Definitely gotta check that out.

Fantastic! I would love to see more post process options exposed. Especially LUT and grain. Matinee turn tables would be great. If you end up making this more complete you should consider making it more accessible to the community by releasing it for free on the Marketplace. Makes sense to me, since you are keeping it free.

Second vote. :smiley: It’s simple yet easy to use and would be nice to be able to add itt to any project at any ttime

very very cool, thanks for this.

This is very useful, I’ve added a bunch of HDR images I have from stock (studio setups and the like) but having it all in a simple blueprint with easy access to Post-Processing is great.

I’ve done a little modification and exposed camera controls, although Unreal’s DOF settings still perplex me. At any rate, I’ve got some pretty decent results so far. Thanks for sharing!

Hey ,

I have added this to my Test-bed and just wanted to say thanks for this great addition! It has really helped push my PBR materials further :slight_smile: