[FREE] Advanced Cinematic Grass Blueprint with 3D Imposter Sprite foliage

What’s Up Guys,
This was one of my first projects in Unreal Engine and I’m giving it away as a way of saying thank you! I’ve got a lot of great free content and helpful posts off everyone here so I thought it was time to give back to the community a little bit.

I’ve been working on this here and there ever since late 2015, haven’t had a lot of time here lately with work and general adulting so some of the updates on this project might be hit or miss, my apologies in advance if I miss any version updates. It’s a blueprint for grass using material parameter collections and material functions which can be easily applied to any other foliage or mesh and has 66 settings in all, including procedural clustering, tip of grass SSS amount, wind direction/speed/gusting, color variation and on and on. I’ll be updating the project fixing any problems anybody might run into, putting things into easier to use functions (The wind mechanic for example), increasing performance with the use of polygonal grass rather than texture cards, also adding descriptions to each parameter in the BP after some time.

It comes with foliage that uses 3D Imposter sprites for the LOD 1 (this helps a LOT with frame rate when using a whole bunch of trees or any high poly mesh) and some simple modular house stuff that I made to go with it. As well as the grass blueprint itself, other spline meshes, home made textures, Parallax Occluded clouds and a alpine style terrain.

I have to give props to a couple of companies in this for using some of their stuff: for some of the terrain and world textures - the kite demo (Epic), for the houses and road - textures.com.

Here’s a video cinematically showcasing the blueprint, and a short tutorial below that too. Below ALL OF THAT is a link with a game ready version of everything (Version 1.4 for Unreal Engine 4.23.1), Enjoy :slight_smile:

Download Link:

Trello Board:

*As a note, this requires at least Engine version 4.23.1 or above to open the project.


This looks great :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for sharing!

Thank you !! ^^

Very impressive! Thanks a lot for sharing. :slight_smile:

Very very nice! Thanks for sharing!

I swear, One day I will be able to give back to the community. I see so many awesome things being given away, even though I don’t have a direct use for it now, I’m saving it. it’s such an awesome project. Thank you. Really awesome work man.

Awesome work! Is there any chance you could clean up the project? Like remove folders etc. that are not needed. :slight_smile:

The grass looks sweeet. Do you have any videos showing off the zombie AI.

How does the performance compare to e.g. the kite demo grass?

Edit: Just downloaded it, quite impressive, similar to what I was doing. Sone helpful billboard stuff in there though :smiley:

Fyi, the project requires substance plugin to be installed. Can’t open it myself as I don’t have it.

Thank you all for your feedback and support, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Wrekk - Yep I’ll clean up the extra useless folders and reupload it after I fix it needing a substance plugin in order to use it too. For some reason, when I delete the folders and even fix up redirects through the editor, the folders magically and mysteriously keep re-appearing after restart, so I’ll just have to do it manually this time.

pbdarcey - I can whip up a simple video here soon showing what I’m making, it can spawn as many zombies as you like, or even keep on respawning them as you kill them and have them goto a set point avoiding each other and obstacles, chasing and attacking the player when they see him. have many models imported into it too and things like the model, their shirt color (whether they even have a shirt or not), pant color, hair and animations are randomized. Just needs a bit more touching up.

jonimake - I’ll fix that needing substance problem for you guys, didn’t know it was doing that. Nothing in the project is utilizing substance but i guess since i have it installed it’s still a situation…hopefully a simple uninstall of it and resaving of the project will fix this, if not, I’ll figure it out online.

Thanks again for the feedback guys, it helps. Hope you all had a good weekend, talk to ya soon.

Really great contribution saving a lot of time/efforts/money, thanks. Can’t wait for the lovely zombie crowd. :slight_smile:

Before even trying this out, I already like the way you did the demo video =)! How long did that video take you to make?

what do we need to do to get this zombie AI you speak of!? This is amazing work, thanks for the contribution

I love your grass shaders! Thanks for making it available and free!

That’s awesome, thanks for sharing.

I get a damaged file error. Any other way to download this?

This is amazing, thank you soo much for sharing.
also, that zombie Ai stuff sounds really cool. would love to see it.

really good work! Thumbs up!